About the APRN Compact

Modern health care delivery requires that advanced practice nursing care, today and in the future, be dynamic and fluid across state boundaries.

However, the 100 year-old model of licensure is not flexible, adaptable, nor nimble enough to best meet this need. The solution is the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact (APRN Compact) which increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the APRN Compact, APRNs are able to provide care to patients located across the country, without having to obtain additional licenses. 

APRN Compact resources:

The benefits of the APRN Compact include:

  • Creates a model that allows APRNs to practice freely among member states while still allowing states to retain autonomy and the authority to enforce the state nurse practice act.
  • Improves access to licensed APRNs during a disaster or other times of great need for qualified advanced nursing services.
  • Benefits military spouses with APRN licenses who often relocate every two years.
  • Facilitates APRN education by supporting online APRN educator multistate licensure.
  • Grants the necessary legal authority to facilitate interstate information sharing and investigations in the event of adverse actions to ensure public protection.
  • Eliminates redundant, duplicative regulatory processes and unnecessary fees.

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